Frequently Asked Questions
  • What makes Epic Character Parties unique and sets us apart from other companies? 
We have extensive experience in booking Characters for any number of events. Our characters bring an amazing experience to your event.  Epic Character Parties brings a party appearance that is theatrical in nature as well as interactive with all party guests. We have planned out every single minute of the time our character spends at your special event. We are also the best and most affordable party company in southern California due to our high demand of our characters. We strive in our customer service.  Even if we are heavily booked on the date and time slot you are trying to book one of our characters for, we are willing to search for an alternative actor or even recommend you to other very highly reputable party companies. We always keep a good relationship with our competition. We are in the business of bringing entertainment as well as a joyful innocents to all our clients’ events!
  • Where do party bookings take place?

We are here to travel to your home or party location! If your party is being held in a public or rented location, please find out ahead of time if such a appearance is allowed at this location. Please keep in mind that all of our provided equipment is portable and very lightweight. We pride ourselves on our set-up and clean-up. We bring it all and take it all way, only leaving the magical memories and moments behind. 

  • When does the party time we are paying for begin?
Your time begins once our character as entered.
  • What do I need to provide?
We ask for a area to be designated for your character’s interactive story time as well as a enough room for us and your guest to move around. We ask that you supply a chair for our character as well as a power outlet. 
  • Do you supply party decorations or invitations?

Currently we do not offer any party decorations or invitations.

  • How many children are your parties geared towards? 

Our one hour parties are geared for approximately 20 children maximum. If you are expecting more than 20 children, we suggest booking an additional character or a longer party appearance.

  • What time should the guests arrive?

The party should begin at least an hour before the character arrives. This leaves enough time for all the guests to arrive before the character makes an entrance!

  • Can guests come dressed up?

We encourage children to come dressed up. We’ve even had adults join in on the fun by dressing up also!

  • Do you sing happy birthday?

Yes, we suggest this to take place around the final 15 minutes of our party appearance. Our character’s assistant will alert when our party appearance time is drawing near.

  • What if we are not serving cake or singing happy  birthday until later on after your character as departed?

That’s no problem. If you like, our character can still sing happy birthday just for your birthday child before departing and saying goodbye.

  • We are having our party outdoors, is that ok?

If you are holding your part outdoors, we do require an alternative inside location in case of weather issues. Please also have a shaded area.

  • What if I have invited boys to my daughters princess party?

We accommodate boys as well. Our activities can always be adjusted to be gender neutral.  We always recommend adding a matching Prince character to help entertain boys as well. There is also no problem with booking a superhero and a princess at the same party!

  • Who plays the part of each character?

We have many professional actors, singers, and models who have experience in working with children. We carefully select each actress/actor that best suits each character. 

  • Are the people in costume on your website the same people who will show up to my event?

Yes! This is always a good question to ask this no matter who you are booking a character party appearance with. Many companies chose to use stolen photos from other parties companies, use stock photos, or even official theme park photos. All of our actors and costumes are the real deal.  The actors you see on our website are the same actors who will arrive at your home, unless stated otherwise when booking. You may check our “past events” photos to see our characters in action. Here at Epic Character Parties, what you see is what you get!

  • What area do you service?

We are located in San Diego, but have been booked for parties all through out Orange County and Los Angeles! We do charge a travel fee for bookings outside of our immediate area. Please provide us with your location in your innisial e-mail/phone call when booking.

  • What kind of payment do you accept? 

When booking, we do require a 50% deposit to secure your character for your event. This can be paid via paypal or by check. The remaining balance due will be collect by your character’s assistant during the last 15 minutes of our appearance. Please do not give payment directly to our actors.

  •  How far in advance should I book a character and any add-ons of my choice?

Our weekends book up quickly. We suggest booking your party at least 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure your specific time and date. However, we are fully stocked, prepared and ready to accommodate any last minute requests for our character packages.

  • What time can I hold the party? 

 Anytime, any day of the week. Saturdays and Sundays are the most popular during the school year. We are available on week days as well as evenings.

  • When our time is almost up, am I able to request for the character to stay longer?
While at your event, if you’d like to request for your character to stay longer, you may add an extra 30 minutes for $70 dollars. Please let your character’s assistant know and as long as we don’t have another booked event to attend to, this is usual not a problem.
  • Do you do corporate events?

Of course!. We do different types of events from entertainment for children during corporate parties or help promote business by having a character appearance. A character appearance is great for a for grand openings of any business. We try to accommodate any of your requests. So please feel free to ask us about more information about your corporate event and how we can help by giving you more info of  all our services we can provide.

  • Do the adults stay during the character performance?

We do require that children are monitored by adults during our entire appearance. Adults usually enjoy our performance just as much as the children! Adults are always welcome to join in the fun, especially to help encourage any shy child party guests.

  • Do you do parties for adults that are big fans of your characters?

Yes,  we have noticed that both children and adults love all of our characters. We have had inquiries from adult fans or even celebrities who want us at their special event. We also provide an ” Inner Child package”  with different services for these type of events that include karaoke with the character,  autographs, photo opportunities and themed trivia games. Please contact us for additional information on this package.

  • Are you available for nation-wide and international events?

Yes, we are available for nation-wide and international events.  For these types of events we have an extended version of our packages that we offer as well, so please contact us for additional information about these types of events.

  • Should I give your character performer any gratuity? 

We do have a high regard for our talent and appreciate them greatly. They are hired on an as needed basis. If you feel your team did an exceptional job at making your party magical we recommend you give gratuity as you feel appropriate. Although it is obviously not required, it is highly appreciated by our actors and staff.

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